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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

skylinee sucks..

at 1.00 pm went to qb with saiful,fariz,dominik and aidil...we planed to watched Narnia...well....the cinema is fully seated...shit!so,we decide to watched Skyline at 5.45 ..after buying the ticket's we eat at Pizza always, saiful belanja...hahaha his so damn nice..then we go the arcade at 4,fariz,dominik and aidil played racing game...i din't remember the name of it..nvm..after couples of times playying..we saw khasfiy,alif ,awani and someother...
i talked with khasfiy for like 2 minits and left lol..then,we straight go the cinema and watched the movie..SKYLINE SUCK!!! SERIOUSLY!! damn~~ i regret watching it =,=..
it was so boring until I listened to my music in my iPod haha...thank god i bring along my headphone :D
-that all-


  1. Kesian2....skyline mmg sucks....anyway..faz unk book la ticket GSC on9...kan senang..tapi kalau unk tengok NARNIA unk takan kata 'NARNIA SUCK'

  2. nk book... Saiful ajak aku last minit.. Mcm mana nk book...but yeah..skyline SUCK'S