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Monday, June 27, 2011

Blog issue

Seriously dude and peeps,stop typing long sentence and 12?13? paragraph.People won't read it but some people will if they bored?or something.Especially when the text font is 12 or lower.When I open a blog that have those things,its like reading a newspaper.Well,for those who has a blog like that don't be mad.I'm just kidding cuz I'm bored and ***** ******

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Maharaja Lawak

yo peeps xD last Thursday syakir,qayyum,aliff and me went to Pisa to get the free pass to Maharaja lawak.we went there at 2pm but the free pass starts at 4 pm.then when it was 4pm all the people were like rushing to get the free pass.There were a RIOT,MAKI-MAKI,TOLAK-TOLAK...i was stuck in that riot for like 40 Min's "==. pasukan rela bukan nk buat apa pon! FISH THEM!when its Friday,i went to aliff's house at 6pm and syakir and qayyum were there too :D.when 7pm we went to Pisa again because of the concert.there areee soo mannyy humansss,we skip lined like usual :D.sit at a VIP seat*seriously...after the concert dengan perut mau lapaqqq mauu cukupp..kami p zamruddd's ....makan puas2 then merayau sampai 2.30 pagi.lepak kedai tepi jalan.ouh! me,qayyum and syakir tidoq rumah aliff.yeah!xD.lupa nk tulis :P.then at aliff's room..kami tukaq baju,lepak sambil online sampai pkl 6pagi.then tidoq 3 jam cuz aliff kena p pandang besar?kot?x ingat arh.bangun,makan,tukaq baju,salam,belah and qayyum tumpang me :D *buat terok sat

fazz ,

Monday, April 4, 2011


i know u guys heard abt khasyfi going to new zealand...he just left like an hour ago or something like,uwaiss,aliff,syakir,ida and fat was there too..we(lelaki) hug him 5-8 times?hahah..byk kali juga.mau tauu arh...boleh jumpa dia when we are form 4...that times our faces mesti tukar jugaa...i was the one who came the late and left the early-est... :/...welllll...janji boleh jumpa dia :) ....nnti syakir upload photos kat airport...mybe skg depa ada kat airport lagi kot ....semua pakat balik lambat....aku pun x boleh lah...mak tgh tunggu kat tmpat parking :/.. hurmmmm..k lah..tu ja lah nk crita kan..
im gonna miss u bro! paling x tahan dia naik buisnes class "==

Friday, March 25, 2011


perghh~~ ingat lagi this pic..been taken by face x leh bela gilaaa...
hahahaha xD
tapi bdk mamak belah kanan skali tuh..mmg mengacau line..
shazawan buat comeii,,hahaha x)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

hard rock:D!!

hey peeps..i think that u all heard that me and aliff are at hard rock hotel..haha...that cuz we heboh satu jelousss :D.that day was superb awesomeee..well its only a short day..its still memoriable  day for,i said at aliff that i be there at actually came at 6 a liar..then, went i arrived i changed my cloth at aliff's room..then, we straight go to the was awesome.we played at the slide for sometimes..aliff turun slow serr gila...adik dia turun lagi laju..hahaha...then dia bagi alasan"alaa..aku kurus.and gemok"haha..sial 7 something we took a shower at our own 8 aliff went dinner with his family at hard rock cafe.he invited my family but my dad and mom din't arrived,that's a no of 8 something i went to the dance off thing ,i din't remember that name of the watching the show.then its abt 10 something.aliff went shopping with his family while me and my bro watched football.when he came back,we went to the teens! that club was awesome! i played ps3,wii,and xbox360, and then we challanged foosball..i won baby! awesome x).*perasangila...then we go to the buisness center ..there was 2 pc at that,we opened facebook and skype..hahaha...that time was about 12 something lah.after 10 minutes..tiba2..the computer stuck.i was like "babibaibaiabia.....aliff was like "...........*speechless*...we sat at the sofa...dengan perasaan mcm nk mati, tiba2 a worker came and said "ouh that computer memang automatically stuck after
ouhhhh.....hatiii senanggggg...hahhaha...then we took our laptop and opened fb and skype again at the lobby.haha...we curi current ...lmaoo...haha...lepas tuh kami haus and,we order 1 glass of cost abt 10 bucks dudee...haha...aliff said he want to share..x pa lah..i said this time i paid for, after couples of hours at the lobby..aliff's dad called and said"aliff..pkl 2,30 masuk bilik." alaaa...sat gila "==
x pa lah..atleast it was a awesome night.wait.ada lagi satu benda.!.kami buka omegle..and wc with them while me and aliff buat muka cam org gillaaa...then we go to sleepp.........................................
esok pula, i ate breakfast while aliff sleep like a baby at his 12 something. kami terjun kat pool! gilaa..haha at 1 something.aliff pegi mandi while i was at teens club buka fb..hahhaa..
at 2 something.i gtg,i forgot to salam his dad and his mom.SORRY! that all...what a rocking day..

fazzyy -

Thursday, March 17, 2011

skype with full of random-nees

yeah.yesterday masa pagi2 kami skype-ing with bella,ana and awani gila.we used the skype image to make random thing.ouh yeah! WE ARE CREATIVE ..:D
this in one the thing we made xD
here goes,

haha..then its ana's

ana not lame,ana cool.haha
yeah.then awani's

haha..agak emo.very lahh..abih crita "==
ok lastly.mineee..

hahah..x masuk akal..
that's all.
bye motherfucker's

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

skype sampai 4 am in the morning with nabila xD

yeah peeps.until 4 a.mmmm...y? sbb nk tgk bola pny pasal lah! ********cker.awt bola kena start pagi2 buta?
erghh.. x a. atleast i got the best-test friends to teman me...hahahah...*gedik
kami chat style random gila babi punya arh! hahah...ouh.dpt mencarut dlm blog finally xD
dah lama x update douh "= = ...2 months?aha
k.get back to the story
so,i got bella,awani,ida and syakir teman me until the football match
ida buat mcm x lyn semlm.she said "sory! x perasan x)" always the same alasan over and over again
awani and i fight abt status in skype..lemaaaa dia nih melebih!! apalagi? aku cuma  type "okok.wani win's .ok gome home everyone! show's over! *switch off the light"
malas nk gado.sbb tangan x larat mauuu type lagi.
so,me and bella chat mcm org sakit jiwa.haha
dok buat random stuff using the image in the skype ...yeahhh..time move so fast.
now! again with the same thing! next match pkl 4 a.m juga! erghhhhh..
babbbiiiiiiiiii....x pa arh..
bella kata dia nk teman..AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.... X))
anyways im bored..sapa2 ada plan tommorow please ajak aku..cuz im free and bored to death
k peeps .that all..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


tadi ponteng kelas agama *with shazwan...bkn ponteng lah..cuma p semyg kat surau then p mcd jumpa hazazi ,khasyfi,afnan and hanzalah...
best gilaa...kita sembang till 4 something...perut mcm nk pecah....duk gelak mcm org gilaa...
ahhahahhaha!! hazazi mcm x penah mkn mcm dalam 3 hari...air aku dia sebat...fries aku dia sebat...sma org pnya mknan dia sebat...badan ja kurus...makan cam harimau..hahahah...jkjkjk...
best gila lah tdi...kami dok wat lawak lah...kutuk org lah...cakap
ouh btw
actualy...we said to awatif that we'll going to a  club...dia pecaya!!!hahahah....NGOK gilaaaa...jk
the burger and stuff were all are fake...hahaha.
we actualy are going to mcd...hahah
perghh~~~ best gilaa lah tdi...
dah lama aku x gelak mcm org gilaa..hahah
mybe every two weeks kita p sana..
so, mcm ni kena excercise lah..
adios amigos xD

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

School start... BLABLABLA.....

Its 11.1.11...
Hahahah.. I know .. Cool date huh..form 2 isnt that actualy..i can bully those little form 1 student and brainwash their brain...hahaha.. That would be awesome..ouh..btw im going back from school by bus now..the bus like shit dude.. No aircond...always crouded!!sometimes can sit..sometimes NOT!!
What a freaking bus!! "==
What other choice i had??
Haihhhhhh.. That's all lah..skrg nk sambung
Asalam, xD