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Monday, June 27, 2011

Blog issue

Seriously dude and peeps,stop typing long sentence and 12?13? paragraph.People won't read it but some people will if they bored?or something.Especially when the text font is 12 or lower.When I open a blog that have those things,its like reading a newspaper.Well,for those who has a blog like that don't be mad.I'm just kidding cuz I'm bored and ***** ******

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Maharaja Lawak

yo peeps xD last Thursday syakir,qayyum,aliff and me went to Pisa to get the free pass to Maharaja lawak.we went there at 2pm but the free pass starts at 4 pm.then when it was 4pm all the people were like rushing to get the free pass.There were a RIOT,MAKI-MAKI,TOLAK-TOLAK...i was stuck in that riot for like 40 Min's "==. pasukan rela bukan nk buat apa pon! FISH THEM!when its Friday,i went to aliff's house at 6pm and syakir and qayyum were there too :D.when 7pm we went to Pisa again because of the concert.there areee soo mannyy humansss,we skip lined like usual :D.sit at a VIP seat*seriously...after the concert dengan perut mau lapaqqq mauu cukupp..kami p zamruddd's ....makan puas2 then merayau sampai 2.30 pagi.lepak kedai tepi jalan.ouh! me,qayyum and syakir tidoq rumah aliff.yeah!xD.lupa nk tulis :P.then at aliff's room..kami tukaq baju,lepak sambil online sampai pkl 6pagi.then tidoq 3 jam cuz aliff kena p pandang besar?kot?x ingat arh.bangun,makan,tukaq baju,salam,belah and qayyum tumpang me :D *buat terok sat

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