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Saturday, December 11, 2010

just got back from pwtc

10.30 am..still bro already mandi...aku ja yg blom mandi..haha
so,at 10.40 am i was dipaksa by my dad to bangun and mandi..dah mandi ..pki baju..straight p pwtc and buy the ticket's...then,tunggu for my dad cuz dia kena park the car...after bout 10 minits ...we go the entrance..the weird thing is the way to the entrance is like "KANDANG LEMBU"seriously! the fence dah lah white colour..jalan pun bengkok2...weird =.=..anyway,back to the story...we were inside the hall already..the first car i see is perodua BEZZA...the car is freaking cool+ a hot model :P haha..
then, we go around and around the exhibition...arr!!! my leg sakit!!!..then dah ok when makan ice-cream..HAHHAA :D.ok..aku skip the boring part....then, we go to the proton"s
banyak gila car depa buat!there are like proton JEBAT,KASTURI,TUAH,EMAS and ada lagi..tapi x ingat ..lepas tu i went to see ferari :D ohh yeah..bila nk abik gbr with the car..have to pay like 15 or 50 bucks i think...x guna pny org..haha..the money pn goes to the charity.then, we go to the last exhibit ..i saw this super car that take abt 1-4 seconds to reach 100 km/h..awesome right?lol..after taking some pic..we balik..
that was a relief..:D
that's all i think
bye :D

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